Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tengo un bien dia.

Forgive me if I just butchered the Spanish language.
Alas, I have no pictures today. The gods of computer have frowned upon me.

I may not have pictures of my day to share, but it was a great day!I went to the stables and worked for a while and even though I do not actually own a horse and it was 95 degrees outside, I loved every minute of it-just like I always do. Guys, I know some amazing people. I thank God for the incredible people he has put into my life and everything they teach me.

I realized as I was searching for some good stuff to supplement this really crappy blog that I never explained the blogs name. So, here goes.

"Nantes" is a city in France, but it also happens to be the name of a song by one of my favorite bands, Beirut.
I have LOVED the song since the first moment I heard it. It was striking to me, and has basically been stubbornly lodged in my noggin since our introduction. When I decided to do this, well...Guess what was on repeat in my brain? "Nantes."   For those of you who have heard it- I am sure you understand. For the many of you unluckies out there, here it is!


Now, for the worthwhile things!
I have been so inspired lately by all things STEAMPUNK!  Jen's  (of Epbot.com) steampunk dining room! (She has tons of tips on how to recreate!) Here are some shots of her amazing room, and check out her blog! I haven't read one post that hasn't elicited a giggle/snort/guffaw from me.

I mean, HOW incredible is that?! In my eyes, it's absolute perfection.Mad props to Jen! ( and John, her beloved hubby!)*

Some amazing steampunk lovelies from Etsy.com
How gorgeous! Steampunk Engagement ring! Found here.

And, umm...*swoon*. Lovelovelove this necklace!

And this shirt, for the fellas!
How awesome! I love it. (His tattoo sleeves are a plus, too.)

That's really all I have for now! More tomorrow!


* PSSSt!- Jen and John are always the masterminds behind another favorite blog of mine- CakeWrecks!

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Swing-A-Ding.

Hello, friend. 

I don't know where to begin! My name is Elizabeth (aka Beezy), and Night in Nantes is to be my outlet. This (my first!) post promises to be so mind-numbingly dull that you will want to go watch Golden Girls just to get away from it
* , but tomorrow I plan to begin giving this place what will become its flesh and blood-art and some beauty.  

Shall I tell you about my day? No. But, I will post my 10 favorite things about this day.

1) Coffee
2) Having a to-do list
3) Hearing my sister saying "Beach?" and mentally crumpling up that list and playing basketball with it and slam dunking in the trash.
4) The BEACH!
5) The SUN!
6)The manly scenery
7) Quality sistertime
8)Plans to go do one of my favorite things tomorrow (Pictures to come!)
9) The knowledge that everything on my to-do list can be done tomorrow.
10) Knowing as I write this that someone, somewhere will read it.

I hope I brightened someone's day. Hang in there with me, I'll get better at this. 

All love,